Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

So I have a feeling 2012 is going to be the year things fall in to place.  Coming off one of the most difficult years I've ever had - a less than fulfilling 9 month relationship that caused some serious financial and emotional stress and the subsequent traumatic breakup, only getting to see my family once, a remarkably stressful work life with all of our contracts going out to bid simultaniously, and a lapse (again) in the quest to get myself healthy - I'm ready to move forward, look back as little as possible, and own my future again.  There were some amazing positives though - we did get 3 of our 4 contracts renewed, I was exposed to and got really involved with the Columbus Crew supporters groups, met some amazing people because of that, learned a lot about myself and my strengths and weaknesses as a partner and individual, went on a great trip to Florida to celebrate a friend's wedding, had a drama-free visit to TX for the holidays, and figured out that marriage and kids is absolutely on my wish list.  Had been pretty on the fence about that for the last 5 years or so. Really happy to find some positive from the darkness.

As we all do every New Years Day, I reflected on what I'd like the next year to look like.

1. RUN the Cap City Half-
Marathon.  I will also fundraise for Hospice in memory of Memaw and Mama Grace. Training starts now and I'm making the commitment to myself and my donors to make my grandmothers proud.

2. RE-COMMIT at work.  Doing a good job at work is important to me.  I am a hard worker and I place value on the performance I give every day.  This year, in my struggles with depression, my work definitely suffered. I need to get back in the saddle and earn the raise and promotion I'm looking for.

3.  RE-COMMIT to getting healthy. Get my butt in the gym most days, rejoin Weight Watchers, and take care of myself mentally and emotionally. Simple things (for some) like getting enough sleep, going to church most weeks, positive self-talk, etc. This is something I will revisit every morning in order to start the day out in the best way.

4.  Continue to FOSTER relationships. I'm not good at juggling a lot of different social circles, but I need to make the conscious effort to do so.  I have great friends and maintaining those relationships are important to me.

5.  RE-ENROLL in school.  Continuing my education is important.  Accomplishing this goal of FINALLY getting my degree needs to become a priority.

6.  TRAVEL!  With a trip to Ireland in the works, my goal of 12 Crew away trips in 2012, a required non-holiday trip to TX, and some much needed girl-trip time, there is no shortage of desire or opportunity here.

7.  Work toward FINANCIAL SECURITY. This year's financial choke-hold really opened my eyes to my spending habits.  Getting financially secure (money stashed, consumer debt-free, making serious strides towards zero debt, healthy retirement contributions, overall confidence in my ability to handle a money crisis, etc.) is key to my overall happiness. 

Each month I want to plan action items for each of these so that I can measure my success and hold myself accountable if I fall short. 

So excited about the clean slate, the freshness of a new year, the opportunities waiting.  I've got a great life, time to start living it!!

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